Charity Digital News Cover OCVA+OCF Innovation Story

Charity Digital News, a leading news outlet for innovation in the UK charity sector, have picked up on the OCVA and OCF innovation story about the tool we are buildingCharity Digital News logo

Here’s what they said on Friday:

“Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action is hoping that a new ‘Amazon-style’ website will make it easier for charities and organisations to collaborate and access funding.

The community group has decided to collect the details of non-profit organisations across the county … in one place online.

The site has been described as working in a similar way to Amazon, with users searching for specific charities but also different areas of philanthropic work, the services the organisation offers or using location filters.

Each page will have details of what the charity does …and how the funding can help its ongoing or future projects, from this potential donors can decide whether make a contribution.

[A m]anager of the OCVA, Trevor Barton said charity 360 Giving told them their tool was the first of its kind in the UK, adding: “there are a lot of funders in Oxfordshire but they are not finding each other.

It started a week ago and we have had 20* people sign up already and there are more than 1,000 groups that will automatically be included because they were in our public directory.

He explained: “We do not believe it has been done to the level we are doing it. We know that there a couple of projects that have done similar things but what nobody has done before is collect all that knowledge with local funders.”

The tool is set to become available to use next summer, with the database being filled by October 2015 as the group advertises for organisations to take part.”

*The figure is now almost 200.