Open Data Communities publishes for Oxfordshire

A fascinating new (ish) website shows what’s possible with open data for Oxfordshire.

Data can only turn into intelligence when different sets of data are compared and when the data is not just available but shared. Even then, a usable interface is crucial in helping ‘stakeholders’ make sense and better use of what they are seeing.

Open Data Communities has published an Oxfordshire-specific set of results that demonstrate the kind of knowledge possible (in this case about various needs) once open data is published, available and plugged into a website.

The site is run by DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government). It provides a selection of statistics on a variety of themes including Local Government finance, housing and homelessness, wellbeing, deprivation, and the department’s business plan as well as supporting geographical data.


Projects like this are made possible with the Open Government License, and data such as this is highly likely to feature in the tool being built by OCF and OCVA. What’s different about the OCF/OCVA tool is that it won’t just feature the kind of census data viewable on the Opendatacommunities site, but will bring such data together with a number of other data sets of specific relevance to the voluntary, community and non-profit sector locally.