Funders Need to Change Game, Key Report Says

Lloyds Bank Foundation has published key research showing that the top three non-financial support areas charities need moving forward are in the:

  1. coordinating of funders,
  2. support with commissioning, and
  3. changes to the commissioning process

Opportunities to work with other charities also scored high.

The Lloyds report also concludes that “funders need to ensure that they also support small and medium charities in the most effective way. This means:

  • focusing support on small and medium sized charities
  • providing core, long term funding
  • further strengthening charities by building their capacity and capability through
    both funding and ‘grants plus’ support
  • supporting charities to trial new approaches to established problems
  • pushing for structural change that facilitates an environment which enables
    charities to thrive and not just survive.”

“Funders putting fewer restrictions on funding – they all want
to fund things which are ‘new’ and ‘innovative,’ but what
about things which are already proven to be successful?”

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