The refugee and asylum seeker web resource is now live:

Following the months of effort, the refugee and asylum seeker web resource is now live:

  • OCVA has been working with Oxford City Council on this and is supporting this work
  • OCVA has been coordinating with Oxfordshire’s non-profit and voluntary sector on this to provide a coordinated message and a single point of information
  • The information is online so that updates can be made in one place
  • Print friendly pages
  • Volunteers needed to provide ongoing translations  of each page into Arabic (Oxford City Council will be vetting any translators used by us.
  • Any member of the public wishing to help asylum seekers/ refugees should first contact one of the groups listed
  • There are links next to each group so that people can easily find out how to help by volunteering or through financial giving
  • The main purpose of the resource is for people doing referral work. We are not expecting asylum seekers and refugees to read it themselves (though some might). We would like to ask anyone involved in referral work, or knowing someone who may be, to make them aware of this resource. We will be reaching out to the NHS and GPs ourselves.