NEWS: Census Data Import Complete. What did we find out?

The first census of non-profit groups for Oxfordshire closed 13 days ago. The information has now been imported into our system.

It means we now have 3,534 groups registered with us; or 75% of Oxfordshire’s non-profit sector listed. 123 respondents were new to OCVA.

It was interesting to note the rise in environmental groups. These are low carbon groups, community renewables investment groups, or environmental campaigning groups. There was also a rise in connection from the arts, media and culture region of our sector and in specialist health care groups.

The first thing we shall do with all the information we have collected (and all the information we already had – built up over decades) is openly share what we can (respecting privacy) free of charge as a download from our website early 2016.

Once that’s been done we’ll be looking for other creative and ground-breaking ways to maximise the use of this data and turn it into intelligence we can all use about existing provision, existing funding, and existing need.