NEW NETWORK: Community-level Asylum-seeker & Refugee Support Oxfordshire (CLARSO)

Communities across Oxfordshire are setting up groups to coordinate their local level response to helping asylum seekers and refugees.

Townsfolk and villagers are meeting up in many places to work out what they can offer to assist those in need.

OCVA has set up a new network to support them. Initially this will just be online – enabling groups across different localities to talk to one another and identify each other. A physical ‘meet up’ may be offered at a later stage if enough groups want it.

The network is called Community-level Asylum-seeker & Refugee Support Oxfordshire or CLARSO for short. Anyone can join the CLARSO online network but requests to join are processed manually to prevent ‘spam’. (It may take us a few days to process your request. Thank you for your patience.)

OCVA and those it has been working with to deliver a coordinated response on the asylum seeker and refugee ‘issue’ would like to point out to town and village groups that a single point of information exists to assist those who are working directly with asylum seekers and refugees.

If your group will be directly delivering something specific to asylum seekers / refugees please add your details to this single resource.

If instead your group is working out how to help those others who are doing direct delivery please make use of the single point of information to find out which organisation to submit your offer towards and which individual in that organisation to contact.

Some local groups simply want to volunteer certain things and many of you are self organising independently. OCVA only wishes to encourage that. We simply ask that:

  • the single point resource gets used and promoted,
  • duplication of effort is avoided,
  • any direct delivery you know about gets added to the single point resource
  • any indirect delivery (for example, you want to volunteer some time or sponsor a room) gets directed to the organisation providing in that area

Check out the single point of information (use the form on the first page to submit any additions)