25% of Oxfordshire’s Non-profits may miss out

Up to 25% of Oxfordshire’s Non-profit and Voluntary groups may miss out on increased exposure to the public and local funders, recent findings suggest.

As it prepares to make history by becoming the first organisation to openly publish thorough local data on the Non-profit sector in the New Year, OCVA has identified that as much as half of the sector may miss out on the benefits this could bring.

OCVA is releasing all the data it can about Oxfordshire’s Non-profit sector – sharing its knowledge freely and openly with the public in a website download in early 2016. Preparation work for publication is already underway, and early indications suggest that over 1,000 groups may miss out on this opportunity.

The publication will mean any member of the public can find out as much as they wish about the sector, who works where, what the needs are. Moreover, OCVA’s medium-term ambition is to share the data in a formatted way with local funders and thus help improve the funding landscape and the visibility of the sector to those concerned free of charge.

To encourage greater participation and at the same time uphold rigorous data protection standards OCVA will be writing to as many of the groups affected that it is able to in January, inviting them to have their information shared and explaining the benefits in more detail.

OCVA’s 600+ Members, groups who were in its historical online directory, or groups who participated in its census this year are least likely to need to be contacted regarding this matter.

Source: Trevor Barton