NATIONAL CRIMEBEAT is the youth crime prevention charity of the High Sheriffs’ Association in England and Wales. NATIONAL CRIMEBEAT organises a prestigious annual awards ceremony, to give recognition to the most innovative and successful crime prevention projects carried out by young people who are creating safer communities.

I am sure that in your work in Oxfordshire you have come across projects where young people are making a genuine difference in their communities to prevent crime. The NATIONAL CRIMEBEAT Awards are a fantastic way of recognising these projects, and indeed rewarding them.

Projects need to be submitted in January and so we need to act rather fast to identify any worthy projects and get them to apply for an award. Could you please therefore have a look at the factsheet which is attached and contact any project which you think might qualify for an award, giving them my contact details so that I can help them with the application process if they need any such help. It would be great if we could get an award for an Oxfordshire project.

National Crimebeat Fact Sheet