LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme)

LETS help each other. Really! That’s what LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) is all about. That and having fun while we do it. LETS is made up of people who like to swap skills (and equipment) for a notional payment of points. We call them Castles as the group started out in Wallingford. Members currently also live further afield so don’t be put off if you don’t live in Wallingford.

In the past year, members have traded stacking logs, making jam for someone who was time-poor, lifts to airports/hospital appointments/ nearby towns, waited in for parcels, looked after plants/cats while owners were on holiday etc. You get the idea. We have also had some good social times. For example, we heard about a member’s holiday during which she found herself helping at the Nepal earthquake, heard from a member about how she got her book published, had a games evening and a week’s holiday in Devon. So well worth joining. Look at our website: http://www.wallingford-lets.co.uk to see more of what we do or e-mail info@wallingford-lets.co.uk leaving your contact details and we will get in touch. LETS get together and start trading.