OPINION: Key themes to 2020 and what we are doing about them

Funding of groups

  • Conference for Funders with an interest in Oxfordshire to encourage application consistency and open publishing of historic data on what’s been funded so that groups know who to apply to and funders know what to prioritise (pending)
  • Data for Good web tool to assist groups, funders, and strategists (in progress)
  • Contract Hub (in progress)
  • Open data publishing, passing data to funders (soon)
  • Online census to improve the data we can share (done, will repeat yearly)

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

  • RASCG (participation)
  • Single point web resource for referral (done)

Community-owned Energy Generation

  • Possible co-led training event run with partners (just an idea)

Emergency Response Planning for Communities

  • Currently just a possible work area off the back of our work with RASCG and learning from others

Housing Deprivation / community-owned housing schemes

  • Online network (done, needs plugging)
  • Possible physical network cross-sector event linking up with RASCG

Economic Development

  • Partnerships with SMEs providing discounted services to the sector (growth area)
  • ROBIN (done)
  • CSR in terms of creation of new funds via TVCC (idea)

Food banks

  • Online network (coming soon)

Industrial Revolution 2.0: Reskilling the Workforce

  • Not our remit, but possible involvement in FE/HE public/third cross-sector conference (idea)

Sources: TheNextWeb.Com, Shift2020, Futuretimeline.net
Opinion: This is an opinion piece from Trevor Barton