NEWS: Surge in New Community Groups

Oxfordshire is seeing a surge in new community groups as towns and villages respond to the Syrian resettlement programme.

OCVA counts at least 5 new groups formed since October 2015 in direct response to the humanitarian crisis.

These groups were asked if they wanted to be able to network with each other, learn from each other, share ideas and resources. They were. So OCVA has set up an online network just for them. It’s called CLARSO and if there’s enough interest, the online networking may be supported by a physical meet-up later in 2016.

Staff at OCVA said, “it’s wonderful to see so many communities coming together voluntarily around an issue such as this. OCVA’s only request would be that the volunteers in these groups make themselves aware of what is already being offered by the lead and established organisations in the voluntary and non-profit sector so that those lead groups get the support they need as a principal concern.”