Sarah Nowell Education Foundation: Issue of small grants

Do you know of a person or organisation that might benefit from a small education grant? I sit on something called the Sarah Nowell Education Foundation and we’d like some applications for money!

The charity is able to make grants to individuals of about £100 and to organisations of around £1,000. It could be the costs of training to be a hairdresser or travelling to a college. We can also help youth groups or dance clubs.

As long as the grant will help someone in our ‘area of benefit’ and it involves  learning it’s eligible. Our area of benefit is Littlemore, Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill & Cowley.

If you or anyone else would like to apply, please contact Cllr John Tanner (Labour) or the clerk, Susan Morrison at 22 Abberbury Road, Iffley, Oxford OX4 4ES.