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WREN funding: Close of Dix Pit landfill site

February 10, 2016

WREN funding

WREN co-ordinate a Community Action Fund designed to deliver amenity projects within 10 miles of a FCC Environment landfill site. WREN have informed us that the Dix Pit landfill site at Stanton Harcourt has now closed. This means that as of June this year WREN will no longer continue to accept project applications within 10 miles of the Dix Pit site. This includes areas such as Witney, Kidlington and Faringdon. Many locations will still fall within the Sutton Courtney site boundary.  If you are unsure as to whether your location falls within the Dix Pit area,  please check on the WREN website:http://www.wren.org.uk/apply/distcalc

We have been advised that WREN will accept project applications from the affected communities until 8th June, which will be the final application round for Dix Pit projects. So please ensure that you set aside enough time to complete and submit the online form by the date set. There will be no option to defer or re-submit applications.

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