Training opportunities at OCVA

Details of our up-and-coming workshops

Researching and Evidencing Needs Wednesday 17th February 2016

If you are involved in preparing bids this workshop is a must as it will provide some helpful information and tips on how to research and provide evidence needs for your project idea.  By doing this it will help to create a stronger base for your bids and provide justification for why your project should be funded.

Diffusing Difficult Situations before they Escalate Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Some of us face challenging situations in all areas of our life and we don’t always react in a way that generates a positive outcome. This session will provide you with techniques to deal with those tricky situations to ensure a harmonious outcome.

Are you Having Trouble with Do It South and Vale? Thursday 25th February 2016

If you are an organisation involved with volunteering and seeking an additional method to promote your volunteering opportunities come along to this training session.   You will find out how Do It can maximise your advertising to potential volunteers.  This workshop will be taking place in Abingdon full details on our website.

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