YoungDementia UK Oxfordshire News

Please find attached your copy of the first ever YoungDementia UK Oxfordshire News!

This special newsletter exclusively features news and events from Oxfordshire and includes the stories and views of you, our members.   Read about Peter’s experience of speaking at a DEEP event in Birmingham, Tim’s move to a new flat and all the amazing fundraising activities that are taking place – sky dive anyone??

We’ve attached the newsletter to this email or you can click here to read it electronically or download it from our website by clicking here.   We have also attached our events flyer so you can see the dates and times of all our regular socials and groups in the coming months and a Friends form, which we’d be grateful if you could pass on to anyone you know who might be willing to support us.

We hope you like the newsletter’s new look?  Whilst it is shorter than our previous newsletter, we’re aiming to produce it four times a year, not three, so you won’t miss out!  We would love to have your contributions for the next issue so do let us know about you, the places you like to visit, groups you like to go to, trips you have planned, tips and advice for others…whatever you like!  All contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Joan Dutton, Administrator, 01235 531973

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Events flyer A4 Feb-June 2016
YDUK Oxfordshire Newsletter Feb 2016