News: Public opinion of opt-in only communications revealed

“A recent survey asking whether charities should switch to an opt-in only policy for fundraising communications has revealed some interesting results.

The survey by Harris Interactive introduced the fact that Cancer Research had recently announced that they had switched to opt-in only fundraising communications and asked if it is a move all charities should take. A resounding 85 per cent either strongly agreed or agreed that charities should adopt an opt-in only policy, with only a handful of the 500 people surveyed disagreeing.

Respondents were then asked if a charity switched to opt-in only for their fundraising communications, would it make them trust the charity more. Nearly two thirds (59 per cent) said it would lead to them trusting the charity more which is positive to note for charities already switching to opt-in only, or those considering it. Just under one third said it wouldn’t affect their trust towards a charity.

Fundraising preference service

The survey then went on to ask about the fundraising preference service. Over two thirds of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that it’s a good idea, with 23 per cent saying they neither agree, nor disagree. Less than 10 per cent either disagree, or strongly disagree with the idea of the scheme.

Commenting in a blog post regarding the results, Jonathan Pitts from Harris Interactive said: ‘Now more than ever for charities, it’s crucial to build confidence and trust with supporters by communicating with them in a way they are comfortable with, engaging with them emotionally, being transparent about where their donations go and to raise awareness in a positive manner.’ “