Courses are available in British Sign Language level 1,2, &3

Deaf Awareness Training Programme.

This training is critical for anyone who is in a face to face role or who may come in contact with the Deaf Community. When staff are new to a task or situation, they can often find themselves feeling awkward and unprepared. It is a common experience for hearing people who meet a deaf person for the first time to find themselves:

* Speaking slowly
* In an unusually loud voice
* Strangely exaggerated lip patterns
* Bizarre gesticulation

Follow that with the dawning realisation that they do not know what the politically-correct way of saying ‘Deaf person’ actually is… you have the perfect recipe for communication meltdown!

We offer Deaf Awareness training to help individuals become more comfortable and confident when meeting somebody from the deaf Community for the first time. Our training will promote full and effective communication, providing staff with skills and confidence that will not only enhance your service but will also promote equality and accessibility.

Learning objectives

* Basic Introduction to the Deaf Community
* Forms of communication
* Basic Lip reading
* Introduction to British Sign Language

A certificate of attendance will be achieved once completing the course

Dates, times and venue can be discussed to meet your service requirements

Please contact

Sign Lingual UK training department: or

Tel: 01295 722825

Please do let us know if you wish for any further information or if you are free to meet up so we can discuss this further and in more detail.