OPA – “Future-Proofing Fathers Work”

We are delighted to announce the release of ‘Future-Proofing Fathers Work’, a report on fathers work in Oxfordshire, written by Martin Andrews and commissioned by Oxfordshire Parenting Forum.

A copy of the report is attached Future-proofing fathers work

An article about the release of the report appeared in the Oxford Times on 23rd June. You can read it here:

The report has already received positive feedback from national fathers’ organisations. Jeremy Davies, head of communications at the Fatherhood Institute, commented that the report shows an impressive level of father focus in Oxfordshire, but also highlights how vital it is that services with a genuine ‘whole family’ focus become the norm. He added: “Father-inclusive practice takes serious, strategic commitment at local authority level, as well as changes in mindset and approach at the grassroots; there is no quick fix. Dads are not a ‘special group’; mainstream services should be adapting to meeting dads’ as well as mums’ needs – even, or perhaps especially, in the context of budget cuts.”

Seany O’Kane, CEO of Think Fathers, said:  “From my experience, father-inclusiveness in Oxfordshire is much more advanced than some of the practices I have encountered in other parts of the UK and should actually be used and promoted to highlight best practice nationally.” 

Professor Tina Miller of Oxford Brookes University said: “The research and activities reported in Martin Andrews’ excellent report focusing on Oxfordshire should be used as an example of how to think differently and much more inclusively about fathers when planning services, from local community-based activities to national level policy change.”

We hope you find this report of interest. Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone else who you think might be interested.