Trevor Barton is moving on from OCVA and shares his happy reflections

A picture of Trevor on holidaySince early 2015 Trevor has been back with OCVA as Systems and Support Manager. He’s now moving on to set up his own business, help a tech start-up (, and continue with his music and painting (including music for a Hollywood film). In total Trevor’s worked with OCVA for almost four years so we asked him to say a few parting words before he goes on Monday.

“It’s been a fantastic year and a bit in my second OCVA role”, he says. “In that time we’ve seen OCVA transform itself in many ways. It was a privilege, and very exciting, to be part of that. For example new-websitedesigning and building the new website in 10 days. But also doing some other things. I’m really pleased with the work we did with Oxford City Council developing a single point resource for professionals working with asylum seekers and refugees. That gets used about 40 times per week. It was also an honour to participate in several high-level meetings at County level too.”

Trevor goes on to say, “Look at everything OCVA has done in just over a year. I think it’s amazing. Our members have three new discounts with local companies. A year ago we had no online networks. Now we have 8 in use every day enabling communities of interest to work together. We have three wonderfully decorated hire spaces equipped with furniture donated from a local business. We have a business development arm for the sector which we didn’t have before. We have dedicated staff working on collaborative working in the sector which is new. We have online guidance resources we didn’t have – the most important one being our free online funding lists. People can search for Oxfordshire-relevant funding sitting on the bus using their mobile and I think that’s super cool. We’ve started providing fully-online training enabling time-stretched sector workers the ability to get low-cost high-value skills at their leisure and those are going extremely well. And we launched Pulse. This made us one of the first UK charities to publish to Apple News. It’s getting people signing up for email digests almost every other day. As the contracted lead for the sector it’s a clear route in to all the key information people need to know. I shall be reading it with interest.”

“This is all on top of our day-to-day work – which itself constitutes amazing achievements. Volunteer Fairs. Sector Conferences. Charity Awards. To think this is all done by a team equivalent to 5 full-time staff, to me, is mind-boggling. A great team has done it. It’s also required a lot of back-office tinkering with systems. Kathy Shaw’s leadership created the space and the challenge to enable those changes. She also challenged me to share how we ‘pulled it all off’ and ‘bare our soul’ at the South & Vale Forum this year. It was only then that I sat back and realised what we’ve achieved and how much I’ve learnt.”