Meeting held on new Healthy Abingdon Initiative

OCVA has linked up with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust under a scheme called Leading Together with the aim of bringing the NHS and Community groups together to improve health and wellbeing in Abingdon.  Many groups are already working closely with the NHS and many are working directly to improve health and wellbeing, so the initiative is the help and extend these activities.

A lively meeting was held in Abingdon on 28 July of interested parties to asses support in the Healthy Abingdon initiative and to explore how such a scheme could operate effectively to the wider benefit of the town.  Attendees included providers, users, sponsors and funders of health and wellbeing services.  A report on the meeting can be found here: HealthyAbingdonMeeting28July2016.

Anyone who wants to know more or participate in the scheme should contact the OCVA Community Ambassador for Abingdon at or 01235 525955.