CSE Grant Application Form 2016-17

The Safer Oxfordshire Partnership has grant funding in the region of £10,000 from the Police and Crime Commissioner for use in 2016/17. This funding is to be allocated by the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board CSE Subgroup.

The criteria are that the funds should help deliver the priorities of the CSE subgroup, in particular the need to engage with the community and to build resilience of young people to make positive life choices.  The subgroup ideally wishes to focus on children who are in transition between primary and secondary school or starting at secondary school. The subgroup hopes to allocate small grants to two or more projects.

Please find the Application Form attached should you wish to apply for the grant: CSE Application Form 2016-17

Please note the deadline for return of all applications is Friday 16th September 2016.

Applications are to be made to the Chair of the CSE Subgroup, please send the completed application to OSCB@oxfordshire.gov.uk for collation.

Superintendent Christian Bunt

Oxford LPA Commander

CSE Subgroup Chair