Training at OCVA: Resilience in Changing Times

There’s still time to book a place on our next workshop Resilience in Changing Times

Date: Tuesday 13th September 2016 Time: 9.45am to 1pm Venue: OCVA

Overview Personal resilience is the ability to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure. It describes our ability to bounce back when we have received a set back and helps us to feel stronger and more able to cope with some of the daily challenges in life. This session is designed to enable participants to have a greater awareness of resilience and ability to strengthen their personal resilience.

What will I learn? By the end of this session you will:

* Know what resilience is
* Understand your natural resilience levels
* Understand the relationship between work pressure, performance and wellbeing
* Know the connection between emotional health and resilience and why we need it
* Know strategies for strengthening resilience
* Know how to respond positively to pressure and demands of working life

Benefits to you

You will leave the session with a more flexible attitude towards change and feel positive when dealing with challenges by knowing better ways to cope on a daily basis. Identify practical actions to take forward to build and maintain personal resilience

Who should attend? Aimed at those who are interested in knowing more about their own resilience and how they respond to different situations. Also those managing stressful situations and seeking tips to become more resilient. Further details about this course and to book on Upcoming sessions please visit our website at If you are interested in attending a course do remember to complete our two step booking and payment process as we need both steps of the process to be completed to secure your place.

We do hope you will be able to join us for some of these sessions. Please do forward this message to any groups you think may benefit from our sessions.

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