Didcot Girls’ School – The Takeover Challenge

The Takeover Challenge is nearly upon us and is taking place on Friday 18th November

Here at Didcot Girls’ School we have been heavily involved in Takeover Day’s in the past, largely by offering roles within our school for pupils to take on. However this November we want to take this a step further and involve local organisations in and around Didcot to agree to be ‘taken over’ for the day and host a student, or two, effectively offering a one-day work experience. Not only is this great for developing our pupils employability, insights into the world of work and promoting leadership, but it can be really fun and rewarding for companies too.

So, this is where we can help each other. If you could offer a meaningful Takeover Challenge experience on Friday 18th November please do get in touch for further details and an Opportunities Providers form which we would like to be returned by Monday 31st October. For further information and for the form please email Mr. George via: sgeorge@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk or call on 01235 812092