Dry January Opens To Over 11,000 Charities

Dry January Opens To Over 11,000 Charities

Alcohol Concern, the charity behind the annual Dry January campaign have partnered with Virgin Money Giving to open the campaign to over 11,000 charities which have signed up to the platform. That means anyone can sign up and fundraise for the causes that matter most to them, with the donations being split 50/50 between Alcohol Concern and your charity.
 Be part of an established annual campaign with thousands of press mentions, over 180 million Twitter impressions and an estimated 12 million participants last year.
 Your supporters get a month off booze, with benefits including more energy, weight loss (and money saved!)

Why We’re Doing This Getting as many people involved as possible has been at the heart of the campaign since we launched Dry January 5 years ago. It’s a campaign that’s proven to change attitudes around alcohol. We also know that people who are fundraising for a cause they care about are more likely to last the month and feel the benefits.

By letting people fundraise for the causes close to their heart as well as Alcohol Concern, hopefully it’ll help them stay focused when times get tough.
How it works
1. If you’re already signed up with Virgin Money Giving, you’re already able to take part!
2. Your charity can sign up to the Dry January Charity list here and get free resources to run the campaign – https://www.alcoholconcern.org.uk/fundraise-for-charities
3. You share the campaign with supporters and encourage them to take part for your cause
4. Fundraising works the same as usual, making it easy to handle from the accounting side.

With very little effort on your side you get access to one of the largest behaviour-change campaigns in the country to raise funds for your cause. Any questions, contact the Dry January team on dryjanuary@alcoholconcern.org.uk