Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy: Oxford Swans Swimming Club for Disabled People

Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy – Oxford Swans Swimming Club for Disabled People

Registered Charity Number 1052858

Halliwick Concept Foundation Course

Leys Leisure Centre, Oxford

7th / 8th / 14th / 15th January 2017 –  3-poster-fdt-course-oxford-2017

This course consists of 4-days training and includes both theory and pool work.

The aim of the first 2 days of training is to enable instructors to have a knowledge of and practice a concept of teaching people of all ages with special needs to be as competent and independent as possible in the water.

The aim of the second 2 days of training is to consolidate knowledge and practice gained over the first 2-days and to devise, plan and record groups and games to promote swimmer’s progress.

Included in the 4 day course:-
* Philosophy of the Halliwick Concept, including why no floatation aids are used.
* The Ten Point Programme on which the Halliwick Concept is based. This gives areas to work at in the water and also acts as an assessment guide.
* Importance of breath control.
* Effects of water – to enable an understanding of what happens in water.
* Issues surrounding moving and assisting people in the changing rooms and on the poolside.
* Poolside safety.
* Care of disabled people.
* Structure of the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy.
* Ten Point Programme and problem solving.
* The use of groups.
* Games/activities and their objectives.
* Teaching techniques for groups and individuals.
* Progress, Assessing and Recording, including assessment of a disabled person’s ability in water and record keeping.
* Singing and music.
* The values and organisation of competition.
* The values and standards of badge testing.

* Pool work: –
* breath control
* entries and exits
* supports in the water
* balance work
* rotation work
* propulsion
* participants’ personal skills in the water
* badge testing – practical aspects of badge testing
* games and activities for differing age groups and abilities

* group work i.e. practical experience of programmes based on the Ten Point Programme and the Halliwick AST Award Scheme, developed by the course participants.

Download an application form from:- www.halliwick.org.uk or contact:-

Ann Gresswell
The Old Rectory
Wytham, Oxford
email: ann_gresswell@hotmail.com