FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorder) in Education Training Day OXFORD: Wednesday 22nd February 2017.

FASD in Education Training Day OXFORD   Wednesday 22nd February 2017.

FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorder) is an emerging are of special educational need affecting an increasing number of children, who are often regarded as complex.

FASD is an umbrella term used to describe a series of conditions resulting from exposure to alcohol while in the womb.  This form of brain damage is non reversible and the most common issues that effect their education include: • attention deficits
• memory deficits
• hyperactivity
• difficulty with abstract concepts (eg maths, time and money)
• poor problem-solving skills
• difficulty learning from consequences
• poor judgement
• immature behaviour
• poor impulse control
• confused social skills.

Attendees to our training day will learn more about FASD, its impact in the classroom / school environment and how to help students with FASD reach their academic potential.

At the end of this day attendees will be qualified to apply to join the first wave of FASD in Education Champions.  Being a Champion in in their local area will enable them to raise awareness of FASD and standards of attainment amongst affected children / young people.

This unique, exciting, workshop style-day will be led by Julia Brown, CEO of The FASD Trust; Joanne Watkins, Project Lead for FASD in Education, who has over 20 years experience teaching young adults with special needs; Dr Jennifer Nock who is a Chartered Psychologist specialist in developmental / relational trauma and its impact in education.

Ticket price £129 pp
To book please email info@fasdineducation.co.uk