Sign up to be a Healthy Abingdon Associate

OCVA and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust have teamed up to help the NHS and community groups in Abingdon to work closer together in order to improve health and wellbeing in the town.

To do this, we need to know which community groups would like to be associated with the scheme.  We are looking for associates that engage in activities that cover all aspects of physical or mental health and wellbeing.

This obviously includes groups that engage in sports or physical activities but also many activities that help with wellbeing such as drama, arts, nature studies and singing.  Groups covering activities like dance or gardening clearly cover both and would be welcomed.

Loneliness is known to have a detrimental effect on health and so any groups that help people to meet others is welcome.  Support groups are also very welcome whether they support carers or those with mental or physical problems.  Indeed, almost any club, group or society can be seen to help people to live a happier and therefore healthier life.

If you want to be associated with the scheme please complete the application form: healthabingdongroupinfo and return to,uk.

We are currently setting up a system whereby those who are looking for groups can be signposted to relevant groups.  The information you provide on your competed form will be invaluable in helping us do the signposting.

Associates will be will be able to use the Healthy Abingdon logo (see below) and will be invited to quarterly networking meetings where we can discuss progress on Healthy Abingdon and come up with ideas for its improvement.  Meetings will also be a place to share good ideas and perhaps take joint initiatives.


The first networking meeting is planned for March and will focus on ways that OCVA, Oxford Health and other groups can help you in your activities.

To find out more, contact Dave Butterworth at or by phone on 01235 525955.