Christians Against Poverty – information workshops and advice


I attach information about the forthcoming Oxford-based CAP Money budgeting courses, designed to help people get a handle on their personal finances. The course has run for seven years now, with many tens of thousands attending across the country. It is free and open to anyone. Each of the three sessions lasts two hours.The next opportunities for Oxford residents to participate begin two weeks from now.

We recommend the course as debt prevention to anyone struggling with personal money management, though all kinds of people attend from the curious to the heavily indebted. Delegates don’t need to share personal information, no financial knowledge is required, and this is not just for people with a church connection. Where delegates require assistance, it’s fine if a support person accompanies them.

I am attaching a pdf with details. These handbills can be printed and displayed, or just used as information. The best way to register is to visit the website and to search by postcode.

We would like to encourage maximum publicity and hope to have 12 delegates at each of the courses.

cap-money-course-oxford-jan-2017  cap-money-leaflet


P.S. For immediate debt help, phone 0800 328 0006 to arrange a home visit from a member of staff from the Oxford CAP team. Anyone already accessing debt counselling from CAP will be offered a tailored version of CAP Money at some point in the process.

John Livingstone Community Links Co-ordinator Christians Against Poverty