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Training at OCVA: Don’t Panic: An Introduction to Budgeting

February 15, 2017

Don’t Panic: An Introduction to Budgeting:
Whether you are a new organisation, have recently grown, changed committee members or are in the process of deal with chance, this practical session will help you understand and improve your budgeting process. The session aims to build your understanding of the importance of budgeting, build the confidence and ability to create a budget and leave the workshop having started the work to ensure a sound budget for the coming financial year.

Delegates are encouraged to bring along their current budget and/or financial information to work on, however a model organisation will also be used as an example.

Trainer Profile:
Rachel Eden has trained staff, volunteers and partners since 2007. As a qualified management accountant, former chair of a school finance committee and a small business owner, she combines theoretical understanding with practical insight. Rachel aims to ensure that participants experience a real improvement in performance as a result of working with her as well as finding training stimulating and interesting.

Thursday 2nd March 2017, 9.45am to 1pm. OCVA. £70 to £80.

To book: https://ocva.org.uk/dont-panic-an-introduction-to-budgeting-2/

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