Talking about cancer: free training

Hi there,
I wanted to let you know about two new cancer awareness training opportunities from Cancer Research UK that might be of interest to your staff, volunteers or anyone else in your professional networks.
One is a face-to-face workshop coming up in London in April, and the other is a free online course. Please find brief summaries of each and instructions on how to sign up below.
What is Talk Cancer training?
It’s a Cancer Research UK training programme to help people feel confident promoting healthy lifestyles and the importance of spotting cancer early. Talking about cancer isn’t always easy, so we’re here to guide you on what to say and how to say it. A Talk Cancer workshop is all about communication, sharing experiences and recognising how much of a difference you can make if you have the right tools and knowledge. Read more at
Who’s it for? It’s designed for anyone working or volunteering in health or in their community.
Date, time & venue: Tuesday 25 April (1.30-4.30pm) at LIFT, 45 White Lion St, London N1 9PW.
“Great level of interaction…kept me engaged for the duration”
“The training was delivered at a very appropriate level and in a friendly way. The trainers dealt expertly with a tricky subject and managed to keep the atmosphere light hearted”
“Talk Cancer will benefit my role massively. Working out in the community, it is essential I am up to date with current issues…Being able to make people aware of cancer could save someone’s life”
Cost,  funding & how to book: If you do not have access to a training budget, you can apply for a free bursary funded place by completing the attached application form and returning to Alternatively, if you are able to fund your place, please complete and return this booking form.

What is the Talking About Cancer online course?
Our free interactive online cancer awareness course has proved a huge success in helping people build confidence and “know-how” to separate cancer myths from facts and encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Join thousands of people worldwide and learn practical skills for having conversations that can help save lives. Watch the course trailer to find out more.
Who’s it for?
It’s suitable for anyone with an interest in talking about cancer and can help with conversations about health with family, friends and colleagues.
“I believe passionately that a course like this, that encourages people to be open about health issues and points the way to reliable resources, can save lives”
“An interesting, engaging and evidenced-based training course that is relevant to many health professionals and others supporting people with health issues”
How to take part:
è   Sign up now at
è   Runs from Monday 27 February
è   Takes 3 hours, at your own pace, and is mobile-friendly

Please do pass on details of these opportunities to your colleagues, professional networks and anyone else you think might be interested – simply forward the attached flyers.
If you have any questions about either type of training, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or for information about commissioning a workshop in your area, you can also visit
We hope to see you soon at our next workshop or online!
The Talk Cancer training team
Cancer Research UK