SAFE! is proud to present a new website for young people

SAFE! is proud to present a new website for young people

Safe Stories was created to highlight some of the issues being faced by teenagers as a result of mobile and internet technologies.  These are problems which young people working with SAFE! tell us about every day.  The characters of Maddie, Mitchell, Katie and Jess were created during group sessions with young people who had been supported by SAFE! Their stories are based on their own experiences and whilst the end results are not a ‘true story’, you can be sure that each element is based on a real situation.

The stories are designed to encourage a ‘one step removed’ approach to talking about an issue and an indirect approach to problem solving.  If we can think about what Maddie or Katie might feel, we can reflect on our own experience, and seek personal solutions. The video stories are designed to be accessed directly but can also be used in conversation with young people by professionals and parents. It is also designed to encourage any young person to seek help if they are struggling with an issue such as these.

Please share this new resource widely.