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Training at OCVA: Effective Digital Marketing

March 23, 2017

Effective Digital Marketing


Are you taking a joined up (strategic) approach to your digital marketing? Are you using the right channels to reach the right audience for your organisation? How are you engaging with them and are you measuring all that work? This course will give you an introduction to creating a digital marketing strategy. You will leave with the appropriate actions to take back control on you marketing techniques.

Trainer Profile

Mary Thomas has been training and consulting with businesses of all sizes since 2009 in the uses and implementation of social media and digital marketing.  She has written and delivers accredited social media and digital marketing qualifications for City & Guilds as well as being a published author and public speaker.

Thursday 30th March, 10am to 1pm. £70 to £80.

For more information and to book now: https://ocva.org.uk/effective-digital-marketing/

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