FREE training & help – Energy Best Deal Talk and/or help to individuals clients

 My name is Andrea  Boliver and I am the Energy Best Deal Adviser for Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire.
Citizens Advice are working with OFGEM to deliver the Energy Best Deal.
OFGEM is the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the UK.
The aim of the programme is to:
  • Ensure that everyone is able to make an informed decision about their energy supply
  • Make everyone aware of the help and assistance that is available to them such as Warm Home Discount or Priority Services Register
  • Show everyone the impact of good insulation and good energy saving practises.
The desire is that people think about energy and review their supplier and usage regularly.
We need to find local organisations who would allow us to come and give a talk to their members about the Energy Best Deal.
The talk would be for one hour if that is suitable and we would like to ensure that afterwards everyone has a better understanding of their energy usage and deals.
We also offer further support such as 1-to-1 appointments where we can give further, more specific advice for an individual and even help you to switch your supplier.
Everything we offer, both talk and 1-to-1 appointments are free of charge and all we would like to do is to ensure that everyone is empowered to review their energy supplier and get the best deal for themselves from their existing or a new supplier.
Please let me know if you would like me to come and give a talk.
We are currently filling our slots for May and are hoping you would be happy for us to give a talk in May if that is possible but of course can understand if that is short notice and would be happy to take any available time slot.
To contact me please either reply to this email or call me on: 01993 892050 (Mon, Tue and Fri) or please provide me with your contact number and I will call you.
Best regards and many thanks,
Andrea Boliver
Energy Adviser
Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire
The Old Print House
Marlborough Lane
OX28 6DY