Waving Hello Community Art Installation

Waving Hello Community Art Installation
Sunday 25 June
12noon – 4pm
Bonn Square, Oxford
Migration across the world is a key component of our past, present and future. It forms the tapestry of human life.
People move for a multitude of reasons ranging from the need to survive to the thirst for adventure.

Together, using images, music and words, we will share our ideas and experiences to show that there is far more that unites us than we ever imagined.
Waving Hello is a project challenging preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers and exploring our common humanity in a creative and interdisciplinary way. With the Ashmolean Museum as our inspiration the project has involved music, storytelling and poetry, and visual arts.  For our final event, we would like to include as many people as possible from across our community, particularly those of different faiths. 
A flotilla of tiny paper boats will ‘sail’ across Bonn Square on Sunday 25th June, 12pm – 4pm,  celebrating diversity, recognising the importance of trade and travel in the history of Western art and commemorating those who have perished crossing the Mediterranean in their bid to escape war and famine.
If you can fold a piece of paper, be part of this temporary art installation, the aim of which is to fill the upper area of Bonn Square with small origami paper boats flowing out from the Tirah Memorial. The boats represent the journeys people make to both come to the UK and UK nationals travelling to other countries to live and work. Boats will be made by groups who have participated in the project to date and also by members of the public, either made in advance or on the day. (A video giving instructions on how to make the paper boats can be found on YouTube  Waving Hello!)