BIG LUNCH – £50.00 mini-grants

Residents in the Leys encouraged to run a “Big Lunch” over the summer, with the release of five £50 mini-grants

The Leys looks set to celebrate community, with a Big Lunch planned at The Barn in Greater Leys on Saturday 9th September 2017. What’s more, over the summer, up to five groups of residents in the Leys could scoop a £50 mini-grant to organise a Big Lunch in their street.

The Big Lunch is the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours. Launched in 2009, 2017 will be the ninth year. An incredible 7.3 million people joined the Big Lunch in 2016. This year will be bigger than ever, as it partners with the Big Iftar and the Jo Cox Foundation for The Great Get Together. The official weekend for this is 16th to 18th June 2017.

The Big Lunch sees people throughout the country set up bring-and-share lunches and forge stronger bonds with their friends and neighbours.

The Leys held a Big Lunch in 2015 but this did not return in 2016 because the Oxford City Council officer that originally set it up left her post.

This year, thanks to Good Food Oxford and funding from Oxford City Council, the annual event is set to return to The Leys.

Hannah Fenton, Manager of Good Food Oxford says, “The Big Lunch is a wonderful way to get over our usual shyness and reserve and get to know our neighbours over some shared food. The event on Saturday 9th September will be a chance for everyone in The Leys to get together, and anyone who brings food to share will be entered into the raffle.”

“But we noticed that people actually wanted to meet their immediate next-door neighbours, and that is why we’re offering five £50 mini-grants for groups of neighbours to spend on supplies, to run their own Big Lunch on their street. We can also help with practical things like closing the street for the day.”

“You could run a Big Lunch, a Big Iftar, or a Great Get Together – and it can be at any time over the summer. The idea is just to meet your neighbours, share some food, and hopefully have a good time.”

Groups can apply for a £50 mini-grant at any time before 1st September 2017, and grants will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups should apply by email to

Big Lunch grants 2017