Adult Money Workshops

Adult Money Workshops

Our work with Adults aims to make staying on top of your money accessible to everyone.

We believe that getting on top of your money is essential to helping people improve their overall wellbeing, achieve their goals and live a happier, more positive life as a result.  Our face-to-face workshops aim to help people develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to manage their money well and we currently have funding to deliver our workshops for free to non-profit and charitable organisations.

We offer an Independent Living workshop and Two Hour Money workshop for direct delivery, as well as a Full Day workshop to equip people to support others to manage their money, whilst also getting a handle on their own finances. Our workshops cover the same core areas, assume no prior knowledge and can be tailored to a range of audiences.

Whether people are frustrated that their hard earned cash seems to disappear, or they are struggling to manage their credit, our workshops should set them off on a better path.

For more information about our workshops for adults or call 0207 062 8933.