OxFSN Family Champions Course – September 2017

‘Creating Family Champions’

About the course:

This course is for family carers of children or adults with learning disabilities and is OCN (Open College Network) accredited.
We are particularly looking for people who want to use their lived experience as a family carers to develop further skills in order to support other families (ideally working with us at OXFSN) We also welcome people who want to do the course for their own (and their family members) benefit.

What you will gain:
• A network of family carers locally, supporting each other in their caring role
• An understanding of person centred thinking, planning and approaches in order to support your relative to develop a person centred plan
• An understanding of how to use the person centred thinking tools to effectively plan for and improve the quality of life for your relative (and yourself)
• To recognise your own gifts and talents, as well as your relatives by the use of self-reflection skills
• An overview of the health and social care legislation, enabling you to better navigate these systems
• An understanding of the Mental Capacity Act – rights and responsibilities under the act. A better understanding of choice and control and Best Interests decision making.
• An understanding of the core benefits for people with learning disabilities. How to manage your relative’s finances and or support your relative to manage their own money through supported decision making.
• See yourselves as ‘experts by experience’ and develop the confidence and knowledge to effectively support your relative to live the life they chose
• Mentoring from experienced family carers who have themselves moved from being unemployed (due to their caring role) to volunteering and ultimately paid work.
• Confidence and knowledge to both improve your own skills and competency and to consider doing this for others in the future.

Course dates for 2017:

Tuesday 26th September
Wednesday 11th October
Wednesday 18th October
Wednesday 1st November
Thursday 15th November
Tuesday 28th November

Time: 10.15 – 14.15

Where: Training rooms 1&2, Abel House, The Slade site, Horspath Driftway, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7JH

This course is FREE however, you must attend every session to gain the accreditation

What past participants say:

“Doing the family champion course introduced me to other people in the same situation as well as providing me with the opportunity to turn something that I was knowledgeable about in to a worthwhile career – it has been the best way of giving back and OxFSN has enabled this to happen.”- Kathy – now working as Em-bold-en (older carers project) administrator and Quality Checker (both paid roles)

“Caring has prevented me from following the career path I thought I would have – it’s stopped me from being able to travel or work fulltime and profoundly affected my emotional resilience and therefore my confidence. Now I get to work with another person who did the course, Kathy, and I now have a small network of family carers I bump into in town, make sushi with and meet at OXFSN events. Oh yes, and paid employment!”  Angeli – Em-Bold-en project worker

“The Family Champions course was fantastic and hugely informative. The realisation of the depth of knowledge we share as carers, that we are experts by experience is so empowering”  Yvette – graduate

For further information and bookings
Email: Gail.Hanrahan@oxfsn.org.uk or Tel: 07891 734987