Introducing FareShare

Our aim is to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger by redistributing surplus food from supermarkets to charitable organisations who can use it. I’m currently looking for non-profit organisations (such as hospices, school breakfast clubs, soup kitchens and lunch clubs) in the Didcot and Kidlington areas who could be eligible to receive free food. The food is just surplus food that the store can no longer sell, it is perfectly good quality free food but sometimes damages (such as bruising) would make it unsuitable for the store to sell it.
Unfortunately we can’t deliver the food, so the charities would have to have a volunteer or staff member who could collect (most collections are in the evening). The charities would be under no obligation to take any food they didn’t think was suitable; the only thing we’d ask is that the charity have a kitchen visit from one of our team members and that someone within their organisation is registered with the food standards agency.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please do email or call me back! My email address is or you can reach me at 07948 905 023. For more information you can go to our website
No worries if this service isn’t for you, but please do let us know if there are any other not-for-profit schools, lunch clubs or charitable organisations you can think of that we might be able to help!
Looking forward to hearing from you,