Message from The High Sheriff of Oxfordshire – Auction Time

Dear Friends!

My theme for my Shrieval year is around helping to prevent crime, support victims of crime and the rehabilitation of ex offenders.

I have seen and heard much that has surprised and shocked me and now I’d like to help some wonderful charities in their quest to make a difference.

It’s fundraising time! Friends and supporters have gathered round to donate a wonderful selection of offerings for an online auction and ……….

To make an auction work loads of people need to bid!

How about a triple whammy?

Feel-good factor:

Supporting three brilliant charities


Happy High Sheriff:

I am thrilled that you’re supporting me and my chosen charities


A treat:

There are some real goodies in here and you could well find something that sorts your Christmas shopping.   Unusual  Lots include: ‘Being sent to Prison’, Having your portrait done in charcoal and a Methuselah of Champagne (that’s the equivalent of 8 bottles!)


GO ON – take a moment to visit, look for the High Sheriff and place your bid. The auction closes on 13th November so don’t delay!

If you have any problems with the technology or anything else please don’t give up on the charities – tell us and we’ll place your bid for you.

e-mail or and we’ll sort you out!

And if you really don’t want to bid please would you just go to: support the charities that way.

Every penny of the money raised will be thoroughly well used to help prevent crime, support victims and rehabilitate ex offenders.