Pegasus Theatre: Japanese Cinematic Experience!

Japanese Cinematic Experience!
KWAIDAN is a cinematic and atmospheric piece for teenagers and adults inspired by Japanese ghost stories and horror movies. It features life-sized puppets, humanettes, shadows, acting and videos.

Set in Japan in the early 1980s, Kwaidan tells the story of Haru, Strange events happen as the house seems to be inhabited by spirits and ghosts from the past. As the story unfolds, the memory of a terrible event resurfaces.

Rouge 28 also want to give the theatre goers a unique and rare experience, they are offering a FREE Workshop the following day with every Kwaidan show ticket that is bought. This is a unique opportunity to train with the company’s associate artist Aya Nakamura and learn the three core principles of puppetry: body, gaze and rhythm.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity that will be at Pegasus next Friday 3 November, for more information 
click here.