Exciting trustee opportunity with Healthy Abingdon

Exciting trustee opportunity with Healthy Abingdon
Healthy Abingdon is a new charity which aims to harness the resources and good will in the town to help improve people’s health and wellbeing. We are doing this by brining the voluntary sector, the NHS and local government together to explore ways we can work together to keep people well and happy.

While collaboration of this sort does exist, it tends to be focussed on a given health-related condition while perhaps extending over a wider region than an individual town. The idea hear is novel in that we are covering any and all health and wellbeing issues but keeping this to a single town because it is then possible to tap into the resources that already exist in the town. For example, Abingdon has over 200 community groups covering activities like fitness, dancing athletics, singing, the arts, horticulture and much more. It also has groups that help people with problems like dementia, mental or physical health and being a carer.

The question is how, do we bring all this together to achieve more by groups working better together and by working in partnership with the statutory sector? If you become a trustee with us, you can help us develop ways to do this. So we are looking for people who have ideas and the skills to implement these in collaboration with other trustees. If you are such a person, or know someone who is, please contact Dave Butterworth on healthyabingdon@aol.com.

If Healthy Abingdon is a success, it will form a template for use by other towns.

You can find out more about us on our web site: www.healthyabingdon.org.uk.

For more details contact: : Dave Butterworth – healthyabingdon@aol.com