Oxford Civic Society Press Officer – Job Description

Oxford Civic Society – Press Officer – Job Description

The Press Officer will represent the Oxford Civic Society to the media. Encompassing both reactive and proactive functions, the Press Officer will deal with the national and regional print and broadcast media. In the case of the Oxford Civic Society the Press Officer will need to liaise effectively with the Society’s online media manager.

The Press Officer will respond to enquiries from journalists, write press releases, try to interest journalists in the Society’s stories and campaigns, arrange for spokespeople to speak to the press, and monitor media coverage.

Time commitment: approximately equivalent to a day / a day and a half per week, but it is intermittent and unpredictable. Flexibility is essential.

Key skills:
· Excellent written and spoken English.
· Awareness of the media’s different audiences and sensitivity to how they are addressed
· Good interpersonal skills
· Persuasive, resilient and able to handle criticism of OCS strategies.
· Able to cope with pressure and be able to meet erratic deadlines.

Day-to-day activities:

The Press Officer will typically:
· Answer phone calls from journalists, responding to their questions
· Check the Press Office’s email inbox for media enquiries
· Write press releases
· Phone or email journalists to try to interest them in the organisation’s press releases and feature ideas
· Devise and produce proactive media campaigns
· Arrange for spokespeople to speak to the media
· Monitor media coverage and prepare regular evaluation reports
· Attend press conferences or interviews with the organisation’s spokespeople
· Advise senior OCS members on written responses to the media
· Proof-read and if necessary rewrite media statements
· Meet journalists and foster good relations with the media
· Respond to the media during crisis PR events or negative incidents
· Occasionally be on call to deal with urgent media enquiries during evenings or weekends