New from OCVA – Classified listings

Are you a member of OCVA?
Do you have any goods or services on offer which will provide an income stream for your organisation?
Or any free items or services that you would like to offer?
Why not advertise them in our classifieds section?

Adverts could include:

  • Rooms for hire
  • Specialist equipment
  • Skills or activities
  • Items for sale

How it works

  1. Decide what you would like to include
    1. Keep it brief
    2. Only include one or two images if necessary
    3. W5H is handy to remember when composing your text. What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How
  2. Complete the ‘Submit a Classified Advert’ form:
    1. Where possible please submit text attachments as a Word document
    2. Please submit image attachments as a jpg or png
    3. Please do not include tables
    4. Please do not include newsletters (include the link in your submission and we can add this to the post)
    5. Ensure writing on all images/posters is legible
    6. Please ensure copyright permission has been secured (especially for images and photographs)
  3. OCVA will review your request and include your content at the next available opportunity if appropriate.
    1. Inclusion is at OCVA’s discretion. OCVA reserves the right to refuse inclusion without providing a reason for doing so. We do not sell email addresses to any third party.

Please complete the form to submit your content.