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Finding Trustees – contact Oxfordshire’s Lieutenancy

February 8, 2018

Charities need the backing of engaged and experienced people on their Boards to help ensure their effectiveness. Oxfordshire’s Lieutenancy has a scheme to help voluntary organisations in the County connect with people who have senior leadership experience. The Lieutenancy List is a confidential list of such people who have expressed an interest in making a contribution in the sector.

The scheme has been running for just over two years. To date, 42 trustee roles have been filled through the List, including chairmanships, treasurers and other trustees with specific skills. There has been more success in connecting people with medium and large organisations than with smaller more local ones.

To explore this opportunity, organisations need to contact the Kirsty at the Lieutenancy Office (office@stevenson-oxford.co.uk), who will guide you through the simple process of describing what is needed so that a notice can be distributed to all on the List.

Other ways of finding trustees include posting the need on the OCVA website (oxonvolunteers.org) and contacting Reciprocate at Oxfordshire Community Foundation (www.oxfordshire.org).

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