Abingdon Community Groups Event, 26 April, 5 to 7 pm

Healthy Abingdon exists to bring community groups together to find ways to improve health and wellbeing in the town. We do this be working with each other and by forging relationships with statutory groups, particularly the NHS. See our web site for more information: http://healthyabingdon.org.uk/ .

At our first event, community groups were keen to hear more about each other and also for statutory groups to learn what value can come from working better with the community. So for our next event, we will give community groups table space to set up a stall to advertise their activities. Also a few groups will be able to give short talks to the meeting as a whole.

We will invite people from the NHS and other government organisations.

Normally, this would be the time of the year when community groups get together at the Abingdon Clubs and Societies day but that event has been postponed so you might see this as an alternative.

Our event will be held at the Peachcroft Community Centre.

You can find the preliminary agenda for the meeting here: http://healthyabingdon.org.uk/events.htm.

Please email or phone Dave for more information and if you want to be involved in the event: healthyabingdon@aol.com , 01235 525955.