JOB VACANCY: One-Eighty – Training Programme Manager and Intervention Specialist

Role summary: Do you have a passion for improving the lives of vulnerable young people? One-Eighty is a psychology behaviour support charity that reengages children and young people with their learning. We have an exciting opportunity to set up and run a Training Programme to skill up trainees to work within our dynamic and inspiring team. You will also be responsible for supervising students on placement with us as part of their university degrees and you will hold a small case load of your own, delivering interventions to vulnerable young people and their families.

Job Advert – Training Programme Manager and Intervention Specialist – April 2018

Job location (usual place of work): Oxford

Pay rate: £24,000

Pay is pro rata?: No

Job title: Training Programme Manager and Intervention Specialist

Applications close on date: 7th May 2018

Hours are: Full time

Contract is: Permanent

Job description: Initially, the role will involve setting up the programme, advertising positions, and screening the candidates. Once the programme is established, you will be the direct line manager for these trainees and will be a supervisor for students on placement with us (e.g., social work and occupational therapy students). Alongside this, you will also hold a caseload of young people and families where you will take a lead role in the design and delivery of both short and long-term interventions.

You will receive training in supervision and the psychological aspects of the role, and will receive regular supervision on a monthly basis. You will have experience of working with highly challenging young people, and have confidence and passion to deliver interventions to make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable young people in Oxfordshire.

Key Responsibilities:

* Establish structure of Traineeship Programme

* Recruit Trainees to the Programme by advertising, networking, and building strong links with universities

* Offer supervision and day-to-day management to trainees and placement students

* Identify training needs and provide coaching

* Design and deliver 1:1 interventions for children, young people and families

To apply, please contact: Nina Bawden – Team Leader
01865 236 869