Oxford Hub Young Trustee Programme

Oxford Hub Young Trustee Programme – recruiting trustees for local charities.

With the average age of trustees in England at 57 years, Oxford Hub is working to help young professionals develop trusteeship skills and serve on local charity boards. The aim of this is to increase the diversity and effectiveness of boards, whilst also skilling up the next generation of leaders in the charity sector.

Through the Oxford Hub’s 12 month Trustee programme, we train early career professionals (as a guideline those under 35 years of age) who are passionate about social issues, enabling them to become active trustees on local charity boards.

We have a lot of eager young professionals who want to take part in the scheme, and we are looking for charities who may be interested in welcoming them to their trustee board. Depending on your current board structure, there are two opportunities:

  • We can recruit and train one or two young trustees so that they can join your board.
  • If you already have a young trustee(s) on your board then we can support them through our training programme.

For more information contact Rachel at rachel.marshall@oxfordhub.org

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