National Citizen Service – old mobile phones needed

A new law has come in to effect which means you need a phone number and an email address to be able to claim benefits. This requires a basic phone and sim card, and there just isn’t enough funding for this.

We went personally to the shelter to see the difference a phone makes to people’s lives and found that something so simple, which many of us take for granted, can be a matter of life or death for a person living on the streets.

We are running a charity event with 4 spinning bikes in the middle of Oxford Westgate shopping centre on the 13th + 14th August. In conjunction with Homeless Oxfordshire, we will be spinning 200 miles a day as this represents the 200 people who would be sleeping rough if it wasn’t for Homeless Oxfordshire.

We are looking for any old phones which we can add a sim too, so more people can claim the benefits necessary.

It would be truly fantastic if you could find a way to contribute to our project. Anything no matter how large or small will make a difference.

Please come down and support us on our Spinathon or please donate mobile phones directly to Homeless Oxfordshire – O’Hanlon House, Luther St, Oxford OX1 1UL. Contact for more details:  Aimee Maloney  on 07713018937.