Oxfordshire County Council Sustainability Fund 2019/20 for daytime support


Sustainability Fund 2019/20

Oxfordshire County Council is pleased to announce the opening of the Sustainability Fund 2019/20 to support the sustainability and development of community and voluntary sector daytime support opportunities.  

Grant funding

We want to support as many services as possible to flourish independently, however we recognise some services require further support to do so. There is further grant funding available to support the sustainability and development of community and voluntary sector daytime support opportunities in Oxfordshire. The application process for sustainability grant funding 2019/20 is now open.

The fund can provide a contribution which can be used to support a new service or for existing services to continue their progress towards increased self-sustainability. The total amount of the Sustainability Fund for 2019-20 is £250,000.

Applications need to be returned by Friday 2nd November 2018. We have notified all services currently receiving grant funding, those which had contracts with the council, day opportunities support services, operational teams and our colleagues within the commissioning team; please do share this information with other organisations you are aware of who may wish to apply.


More details here https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/social-and-health-care/adult-social-care/daytime-support/support-voluntary-and-community-sector/grant-funding

Support available

There is support available to organisations wishing to apply for the Sustainability Fund from Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action. This organisation can support services to develop and action sustainability plans, for example through providing fundraising advice.

For further information on alternative funding opportunities and support available from Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action and partners, please see:


Organisations requiring support can contact Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action using the following contact details:

To contact them for support, please see: https://ocva.org.uk/about/contact/