JOB VACANCY: The Sunshine Centre – Early Years Team Manager

Role summary: This position is for 40 hours per week, all year round.
To apply please email The Sunshine Centre and ask for an application pack. Closing dates for this position: 25.01.2019, Interviews will be held 05.02.2018.

• To assume overall responsibility for raising the quality of early years provision, including physical, emotional, social and intellectual education and care for all children in The Sunshine Centre Childcare.
• To promote excellent practice at all times
• To ensure the provision of a responsive, nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0 – 11 years.
• To lead practice across the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
• To ensure the provision of an environment that promotes stable and consistent relationships between staff and individual children and their parent/carer and families.
• To respond to, and advocate for, the needs of the setting’s children, families, staff and local community.
• To work in partnership with parent/carer/families, other professionals and the local community.
• To support and mentor other practitioners in the skills and behaviours that safeguard and promote good outcomes for children
• To supervise all staff working in The Sunshine Centre Childcare

Job location (usual place of work): The Sunshine Centre

Pay rate: £25/27,000 per annum

Pay is pro rata?:

Job title: Early Years Team Manager

Applications close on date: 25.01.2019

Hours are: Full time

Contract is: Permanent

Job description: Key Tasks
• To build on the strengths of individual staff and to lead staff in working together as a team.
• To develop and implement the policies and procedures of the setting, e.g. safeguarding children, health and safety, confidentiality, register of children’s attendance.
• To ensure that the setting complies with national standards and implements Ofsted action points.
• To ensure the individual needs of the children are met, through physical care, relationship, play and interaction.
• To ensure the provision and maintenance of a nurturing, stimulating and challenging environment, both indoors and outdoors.
• To ensure that there are observations of individual children which enable staff to respond to and plan for children’s individual needs and development.
• To ensure that appropriate record keeping is developed and maintained.
• To ensure the selection and maintenance of appropriate resources and equipment.
• To promote equality of opportunity and inclusive practice.
• To lead the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the setting.
• To ensure the provision of a healthy and balance diet for all the children.
• To ensure high quality practice at all times.
• To adopt a creative an innovative approach towards practice by being open to opportunities or improvements and encouraging staff to make suggestions.
• To communicate and work in partnership with families and caregivers
• To promote and support the professional development of early years staff.
• To promote team work and collaboration
• To write and maintain a development plan
Knowledge and understanding of the EYFS
• Ensure that all practitioners understand the principles and content of the Early Years Foundation Stage and how to put them into practice
• Support other practitioners in acknowledging the various influences and transitions experienced by a child from both inside and outside the setting
• Practice and promote current legal requirements, national policies and guidance on health and safety, safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of children
Effective Practice
• To be accountable for the delivery of high quality provision within the setting
• Encourage other practitioners to have high expectations of all children and to demonstrate commitment to ensuring that they can achieve their full potential
• Establish and sustain a safe, welcoming, purposeful, stimulating and encouraging environment where children feel confident and secure and are able to develop and learn
• Promote the use of informed observation and other strategies to monitor children’s activity, development and progress systematically and carefully, and to use this information to inform, plan and improve practice and provision
• Plan and provide safe, appropriate, child-led and adult initiated experiences, activities and play opportunities in indoor, outdoor and out-of-setting contexts, which enable children to develop and learn
• Select, prepare and use a range of resources suitable for children’s ages, interests and abilities, taking account of diversity and promoting equality and inclusion
• Actively support the development of children’s language and communication skills
• Promote positive behaviour, self-control and independence through using effective behaviour management strategies and developing children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills
• Promote children’s rights, equality, inclusion and anti-discriminatory practice in all aspects of the Sunshine Centre Child Care
• Establish and maintain a safe environment and employ practices that promote children’s health safety and physical, mental and emotional well-being
• Encourage all practitioners to recognise when a child is in danger or at risk of harm and know how to act to protect them
• Support the process of effective assessment, recording and reporting on progress in children’s development and learning and use this as a basis for differentiating provision
• Encourage all practitioners to talk to children, giving constructive and sensitive feedback to help children understand what they have achieved and think about what they need to do next
• Adopt a creative and innovative approach towards practice, by being open to opportunities for improvements, and encouraging staff to make suggestions
Other duties
• To be responsible for all setting staff, cleaners, students and voluntary workers. Supervising and supporting all personnel within the setting in their day to day duties including recruitment and induction, appraisal, training and development, individual supervision and performance management
• Liaising with Local Authority and other professional bodies associated with the setting
• Overseeing the efficient upkeep of the settings space and maintenance/stock of equipment, furnishings and fittings
• Being responsible for all administrative duties associated with the management of the facility, eg maintaining records on the children and their families, ordering equipment, maintaining an inventory, keeping personnel records
• Being responsible for supporting the collection and recording of fees together with administering a petty cash budget
• Co-ordinating with appropriate agencies regarding trainee placements and supervising accordingly
• Co-ordinating/chairing staff meetings as appropriate including agendas and minutes
• Establishing and maintaining effective communications links with other agencies
• Market and advertise the setting as necessary to ensure it runs to its full capacity
• To actively promote and support the safeguarding of children and young people in the Children’s Centre Childcare ensuring that all staff and volunteers observe the Children’s Centre Childcare policies and procedures to keep children safe from harm
Professional Development and Training
• To have a commitment to personal and professional development,
e.g. supervision, appraisal and training.
• To take advantage of training opportunities and encourage other workers likewise.
• To undertake such other duties as may reasonably be required by the senior management.
• This job is subject to change in consultation with the post holder, depending on the needs of the Centre and local community.
Commitment to Equality
• To comply with The Sunshine Centre Childcare’s Health and Safety policy, GDPR policy and to protect your own and others’ health, safety and welfare.
• To ensure safe and efficient delivery of service by achieving high standards of health and safety and managing risk.
• To ensure work is carried out within a framework which promotes equality of opportunities in accordance with The Sunshine Centre Childcare’s policies.
• To ensure that the needs of all children and families are met, sensitive to gender, race, disability, creed, belief and sexual orientation. Celebrate diversity and challenge stereotyping, prejudice and unlawful discrimination in the delivery of the service.
· Recognised Level 3 qualification or above relevant in Early Years (NNEB, NVQ 3 in Early Years Care and Education, Diploma in Pre- School Practice, Early Years Foundation Degree).
· Level 2 in Maths and English and appropriate ICT skills
· Direct experience of children aged 0-8 years.
· Recognising and responding to individual children’s’ needs, routines and interests.
· Supporting and extending children’s holistic development through a stimulating and challenging environment both inside and out.
· Forming appropriate relationships with children.
· Experience of implementing child led planning.
· Working with other professionals.
· Observing and planning for individual children’s care, development and learning.
· Monitoring /Evaluating plans.
· Experience of planning, organizing and differentiating the curriculum.
· GCSE Grade C in Maths and English or above
· Early Years Professional Status
· Additional qualifications (Early Years Level 4 Management, Assessor Training).
· Paediatric First Aid Certificate
· Generalist Level 3 Safeguarding
· Minimum of 2 years supervisory experience of working in an Early Years setting.
· Working with children with English as an additional language or with additional educational needs.
· Supporting students.
· Monitoring and evaluating provision and practice.
· Experience of working with children with special/additional needs.

To apply, please contact: By email at